Biosphere restrictions on the development of a consumer society

Belotelov N.V.

Institution of Russian Academy of Sciences Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of RAS биосферныеRosNOU

The report discusses the problem associated with the inevitable change in the development goals of human civilization. The market paradigm of profit maximization comes into sharp conflict with the sustainability of the biosphere. Modern humanity consumes energy power comparable to the power of photosynthesis. At the same time, it directs it to destroy the production processes of the biosphere. As a result, rapid changes in the natural environment have taken place over the past forty years. A striking example of this is the problems of climate change, the disappearance of animal and plant species, and the growing pathogenicity of the biosphere in relation to the human population

N. Bohr in one of his later articles gave this definition of a human being-an animal that lives in language networks. From a certain point on, when he started to "subdue the world around him", creating an appropriating economy and mastering the world around him, using the knowledge accumulated in the flow of generations in language networks, he mainly focused on improving his material well-being. He did not think about the limitations of the world around him and the fact that he is only a part of this world.

Over the last century, the goal of achieving material wealth has degenerated into a frenzied pursuit of monetary wealth or maximizing interest on capital. At the same time, it is in the 20th century that the fact that the biosphere is limited begins to be realized, that the World is something integral. This awareness is reflected in the rapid public interest in environmental issues.

Currently, there is a growing awareness that humanity faces three strategic challenges

- Studying the biosphere in order to find ways to restore the disturbed biosphere

- Studying society in order to understand and find ways of harmonious development of cultural traditions of civilization

- Formation of new goals for the development of human society, taking into account the environmental imperative.


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