Preferences of students when choosing a job after graduation

Vinokurova N.A., Nikitin S.A.


Our time is characterized by rapid changes in the technological landscape. Therefore, it is particularly important to study the views and plans of students regarding future employment, their readiness to work in new conditions. This research is a continuation of a series of articles devoted to students. It is based on the results of a questionnaire survey of students in 6 cities of the Russian Federation.

The paper considers the following issues: 1) The most attractive type of employment for young people; 2) Preferred type of work and payment; 3) Motivation when choosing a job; 4) Preferred types of work in the field of entrepreneurship and in the field of high technology.

More than half of the respondents expressed a desire to become entrepreneurs or freelancers after graduation (54%), although the share of such students has decreased over the past 3 years [1]. Students hope that entrepreneurship can bring them a stable income, give them the opportunity to provide for their children and transfer their business to them, and at the same time the opportunity to constantly develop themselves. They are attracted by leadership and organizational work, which is typical for entrepreneurs. However, when we look at the type of work and payment preferred by young people, the motives for choosing a job in general and preferences in terms of the type of entrepreneurial activity and high technologies, we come to the conclusion that stable work and pay, no risks, the ability to combine work and personal life is their real priority, but the ability to build their own business is not among the first. And these views are quite stable [2].

In General, the students showed themselves to be quite conservative and not ready either to implement declarative statements about entrepreneurship or to work with high technologies.


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