Who are we teaching? On the peculiarities of teaching chemistry to Chinese students at the initial stage of Russian language proficiency

Pichugina D.A.

Department of Chemistry, Moscow State University

Teaching foreign students in Russian is of great strategic importance in modern education. The main task of the preparatory department is to educate and prepare foreign students for admission and further study at the University. This cannot be done without classes in the Russian language and related disciplines, which are based on the program, teaching methods and effective lessons. “If pedagogy wants to educate a person in all respects, then it must first get to know him in all respects,” noted K.D. Ushinsky. Do we know our international students? It would be good to study their national characteristics, national programs and traditions. We compared the content of the Unified State Exam in chemistry with the content of the GAO-KAO exam in China. It is noted that the final exam in China does not contain a test part; it contains illustrations and a number of other differences. It is also known that in schools the Chinese study in large groups and work a lot independently under the supervision of a teacher. All these factors need to be taken into account when teaching subjects.


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