The Priorities of the Students in Relation to Quality of Life

Винокурова Н.А., Гудович И.С.1

Central Economic and mathematical Institute of RAS.

1Russia, 117418, Moscow, Nakhimovsky prospect, d. 47

3Voronezh state University, mathematics faculty,

4Department of mathematical modeling,

5Russia, 394006, Voronezh, University square,

The attention of researchers to the problems of quality of life is increasing every year, because in general there is an increasing interest in the human dimension in all areas of life. For a long time in evaluation of the quality of life prevailed "objectivist" approach, when the interest of researchers focused on the study of objective (often quantitative) indicators characterizing the quality of life of different social groups, regions and countries. As usual the importance of different characteristics of the quality of life for the individuals was determined by expert assessments. In recent years, the "subjective" approach has become more important. With the help of sociological surveys, people's satisfaction with certain characteristics of the quality of life is revealed. Another type of subjectivist research, widely adopted by scientists in the West, is finding out (also through questionnaire surveys) of the opinions of the respondents about the importance to them of certain characteristics of the quality of life. It allows instead of expert assessments to use in objectivist studies the assessments made by the people themselves. In Russia such kind of studies is an exception.

This paper uses just a subjective approach. It is devoted to the analysis of the results of the sociological survey of students for their ideas about the quality of life, and the comparative importance of its various characteristics. We were interested in their opinion about the importance of such characteristics for the population as a whole, for them personally at the present time and the importance of these characteristic for them in the future (in 10 years). 14 characteristics of quality of life were chosen conditionally. The criterion of choice was the opportunity to compare student’s verbal priorities with real objective assessments in the future. It makes it possible to use them as weights in objective research. The questionnaire included the most representative in our opinion characteristics of the quality of life. The direct descriptive method of presenting the results was supplemented by analytics. The interviews conducted by the authors to clarify the criteria by which students evaluated the components of quality of life are of .particular value in this relation.

The main results of the study: 1. The stability of young people’s preferences for a special group from the set of characteristics of quality of life (differing in the horizon of evaluation), is revealed. It testifies to their fundamental nature. This group includes: having the own apartment, the opportunity to make foreign tourist trips every year and the opportunity to buy quality food. 2. Students are very sensitive to Western trends in consumption and lifestyle and are under their influence, although the traditional value of material support of family and friends also remains relevant. 3. The differences between what students consider important to themselves and what they consider important to the entire population are quite significant. The student’s views are rather hedonistic/ They believe that such components of quality of life as entertainment, sports, good clothes are much less important for the population as a whole than for themselves.

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