To the biography of my grandfather, Laptev Leonid Mikhailovich (according to TsAMO documents)

Silaev A.D.

Museum of the History of the Children's Movement of the GPBEI of Moscow "Sparrow Hills," 37 Donskaya Street, Center "on Donskoy," office 35 8(903)159-24-19,

The article is devoted to the continuation of my archival research for the biography of my grandfather Laptev Leonid Mikhailovich, a participant in the Great Patriotic War, which I started during his lifetime and continued for the 100th anniversary of his birth, in 2020.

In 2022, while searching for documents on the archival funds of the TsAMO of the Russian Federation, I managed to find new documents for the biography of my grandfather, which I began during his lifetime and continued in 2020, after contacting my relatives in 2019 with a request to help my niece find some photographs, medals and something else about Leonid Mikhailovich.

In 2022, the CCAMO of the Russian Federation found the account card of the awarded person. Let's dwell on this document in more detail

"Laptev Leonid Mikhailovich, 1920, born,, Kirov region, Verkhoshizhemsky district, the village of Rameshi [or Ramyashi - the name is not clearly written] ordinary

Military rank - private


Partisanship (from what year) - Undisputed party

Education - Lower

Nationality - Russian

From what year in the Soviet Army - from 6.1941 to 2.1945

Place of service (unit name) and position held at the time of award - Western Front, 61st separate communications battalion - cadet radio operator

Place of service and position at present - Tuapse City Communications Office - linear overmotor

Home address of the awarded - Krasnodar Territory, Tuapse, st. Proletarskaya, 16a

In the column: "Name of orders, medals" - "For courage" (No. ser. E. 7377444 - Decree of 8.2.1958; "For the Victory over Germany" (PU ser. Ya 0671543 - Decree of 9.5.1945)

Signature awarded - Laptev

Tuapse Gorvoyenkom, Lieutenant Colonel Moryashov

April 15, 1958. "[1].


1. TSAMO. Awardee's Record Card.

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