Basic Concepts of Sociolinguistics: Language and Dialect

Terkulov V.I.

Donetsk National University

The paper deals with the basic concepts of sociolinguistics: language, dialect, regiolect. On the example of comparing Russian and Ukrainian idioms, the criteria for distinguishing between languages, dialects and regiolects are established. A dialect is understood as a natural integrated monoidiom that functions in a limited, primarily rural, space and acts as a minimal territorial variety of a language. A language is understood as a set of idioms (dialects, slangs, vernacular, literary language), whose speakers realize identical ethnic self-identification. The integrating function for the language is performed by common language koine and literary languages. A regiolect refers to territorial varieties of a language represented by an identical set of regionally marked idioms (regionally marked dialects, vernacular, slang and literary language/common language koine).


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