About culture in general. Genetic cross-section

Karyakin Yu.V.

Tomsk Polytechnic University Russia, 634 050, Tomsk, Lenin Ave., 30 E-mail:

The concept of culture is considered as a synthetic form of manifestation of society, in which the ontological foundations of life interact systematically on the one hand and the mechanism of development of the planet as a generic element of the cosmos, on the other. These factors reflect the interaction of internal and external as conditions of development.

What is life? Generalization of the results of modern sciences provokes a search for an answer not only in the field of empirical research, but also in that widely understood interdisciplinarity that attempts to synthesize empiricism with other aspects of cognition of the world order. Within the framework of such a synthetic paradigm, life is represented as a process that is substantially interpreted in the concept of spirit matter.

The external impact on culture at the turn of millennia is understood as multidimensional mutually directed processes of planetary-solar and solar-cosmic energy exchange.

In the synthetic ontogenetic paradigm [1], culture is interpreted as an integral indicator of the process of harmonious interaction


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