Network economyc and network society

Shcherbakov A.V.

Mendeleev institute of socio-economic forecasting

Since 2016, the Sretensky club has been working on creating an Image of the future. We believe that it is impossible to build a truly bright future by extrapolating it from the current state of our society. The image of the future should be formed based on our idea of an ideal society in which everyone can open up as a creative person, live according to their conscience and become truly happy. In this society, the principle of Unity of diversity will be implemented, where every person, every nation, every nation will find its place and its purpose. The power in this society will be the power of justice and responsibility, and the economy will be moral, human-oriented and resource-saving. Nature in the new society will become one of the types of productive forces.

The main type of public relations will be network interaction. A breakthrough in the transition to a new society will be the mass introduction of network technologies into the economy.


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