Modeling thermal regime of alumina reduction cell considering radiative heat transfer

Anpilov S.V., Skladchikov A.S., Laponin V.S., Savenkova N.P.

119991, Russia, Moscow, GSP-1, Kolmogorova st., h. 1, bld. 52

The need to carry out the proposed studies is due to the fact that full-scale experiments on an industrial aluminum electrolyzer are expensive and extremely time consuming - due to the high temperature typical for the operation of the electrolyser and the presence of chemically aggressive media in the bath itself.

The report presents the results of modeling the thermal regime of the electrolysis bath, taking into account radiant heat transfer, which has a significant effect on the temperature distribution (and as a consequence of the efficiency of work) due to the high temperature difference between the melt (more than 900°C) and the environment.


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