Graduate School of the 3rd Millennium: Transforming Education; teacher training

Karjakin Yu.

Tomsk Polytechnic University 634050 Tomsk, pr. Lenin. thirty

The high school of the third millennium is today TERRA INCOGNITA. So far, without the results accepted by the community, an intensive search for its new forms is being conducted in a wide range - from the organization of a modern university to ways of educational interactions between a teacher and students. Our research focuses on one of these forms. We dissect the nuclear link of educational action - the mechanism of interaction of the thought processes of the teacher and the student, which forms the result of educational activity.

In the search movement observed today, this link is undergoing a change, fraught with the loss of the teacher's status as an attribute of the educational process. Under the influence of a powerful competitor in the form of network communications, the teacher is subject to the need to become different or to step off the teacher's pedestal. There are two obvious ways of migration of the traditional teacher to a new status. The first path has already manifested itself in the form of a movement under the brand of tutoring and, despite the rejection of it by the older generation of university workers, makes noticeable expansionary movements. The second path is the path of the thinker, in which the teacher not only retains his status as a leader, educator, educator. On the contrary, it significantly strengthens its status due to the updating of the fundamental scientific foundations of the academic subject in interaction with the student. As an example of the way of such transformation - the adoption in educational activities of the ontogenetic approach and the cultivation of ontogenetic thinking [1,2,3].

The implementation of such an intention is possible through the development and implementation into the university practice of the educational program Teacher of higher education, which includes, along with a block of training courses in the direction of training, courses in biology, psychology, logic and metaphysics as focused on the formation of a holistic worldview and awareness of the universal connection in the world order.


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