Textbook on Specialized Language for Foreign Biology Students and the Issue of Early Introduction of Specialized Vocabulary at the Preparatory Stage

Khapchaev Sh.

Shenzhen MSU-BIT university. Biology department.

A textbook for foreign biology students has been prepared by M.Yu. Sidorova, Sh.Yu. Khapchaev, A.P. Lositskaya. The textbook focuses on the issue of early introduction of specialized biological vocabulary at the preparatory stage, and addresses a range of problems in the transition from A2 to B1 level. The study of biology necessitates mastering an extensive corpus of terminology, which is particularly challenging for students with insufficient proficiency in the Russian language. Emphasis is placed on activating vocabulary and grammatical categories essential for mastering the language of the specialty, integrating them into the learning context. The approach to preparing educational material is based on computer analysis of textbook corpora, which has enabled the formation of lists of the most frequently used terminology which was used in texts and exercises.

The methodological aspect of the guide is designed to ensure flexibility in application across various educational contexts, including face-to-face, distance, and blended learning.

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