To the 100th anniversary of Proletkino (according to the documents of the Central State Archive of Moscow)

Silaev A.D.

Chief Information and Analytical Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

In 2023, the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Proletarian Cinema joint-stock company Proletkino was celebrated.

On December 2, 1922, a meeting was held at the Moscow City Council of Trade Unions (MGSPS) on the creation of the Proletkino film and operative association. The meeting participants came to a unanimous conclusion on the timeliness, the urgent need and the possibility of organizing a new working film cooperative.

On February 6, 1923, a constituent meeting of shareholders was held, on April 28, the Council of Labor and Defense (STO) approved the charter of the partnership on the shares of Proletarian Cinema.

The film company was not engaged in the rental of foreign paintings, but limited its commercial activities to the rental of Soviet-made paintings and the development of a cinema network.

In April 1924, the partnership on the shares of Proletkino was transformed into a joint-stock company. At the end of 1924, the Central Social Insurance Administration became one of the shareholders of Proletkino.

The board of Proletkino changed periodically. In April 1925, I. N. Bursak became the chairman of the board, members of the board: K. I. Feldman, A. E. Fedotov, G. A. Zeller, V. E. Meyerhold. A. A. Khanzhonkov was appointed head of the production department of Proletkino and at the same time director of the factory

In 1926, the JSC went bankrupt, was created by the liquidator for the affairs of the joint-stock company Proletkino.

On September 14, 1928, a resolution of the Proletkino shareholders on the final termination of the liquidator was issued.

In 2023, several interesting documents were identified in the Central State Administration of Moscow during the existence of JSC Proletkino, for example: 1

- an accompanying note to the Charter of the partnership on shares "film publishing of the RSFSR" (to print film);

- sample collective agreement;

- internal rules, etc.

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