GIS as the key digital technology of the modern world

Cheremissina E.N., Lyubimova A.V., Sukhanov M.G.

Dubna State University

Today, the geoinformation system (GIS) is an indispensable tool for supporting management activities in many branches of science and production. With the help of geoinformation technologies, geodata databases and repositories are being created to ensure the functioning of the state and regional spatial data infrastructure, digital doubles of territories are being developed, situational centers are being implemented for the purposes of regional management, complex geomodeling tasks are being solved based on innovative methods of integrated analysis of multi-level and multi-scale data. The report examines modern technological approaches to the implementation of applied geoinformation projects and digital platforms that provide visual representation and operational analysis of geodata. Attention is focused on the need to train specialists who possess modern geoinformation technologies and are able to apply them to solve problems of system analysis and information and analytical support in the field of industry management.


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