The principles of the formation of terminological minimums in technical specialties

Shchukina D.A.

Saint-Petersburg Mining University of Empress Catherine II 2, 21st Line, St Petersburg 199106, Russia

In scientific language, the terms are divided into common and highly specialized. Highly specialized terms are used in a certain scientific field, indicate its specific concepts, objects and their signs, these terms are accurate and unambiguous.

In the educational and scientific discourse, the question of the principles of the formation of terminological minimums is updated. Consider the dictionaries in technical specialties compiled at the St. Petersburg Mining University, using the example of the terminological minimum in the specialty "Construction business".

The leading principle of the formation of a vocabulary of technical terms is quantitative-quality, which involves the inclusion of 200-400 highly specialized technical terms with translation into English and interpretation. Dictionaries of terminological minimums are compiled in special departments, taking into account the professional training of builders-builders and the formation of their scientific and professional picture of the world.


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