Mechanism-based and Data-driven models of calcium signaling in astrocytes

Brazhe A.R.

MV Lomonosov Moscow State University, faculty of Biology, dep. of Biophysics, 119234 1/2 Leninskie gory, Moscow

Fluorescent imaging of calcium activity and other physiological processes in astrocytes of different brain regions in awake and behaving animals is a staple of current neuroscience, and the relevant methods are rapidly evolving. Some observations, especially when using chemogenetics approach, may be controversial, but some are surprisingly reproducible. In particular, locomotion is accompanied by pronounced calcium signaling in astrocytes of almost the entire brain. Here, the measured variable is calcium-dependent fluorescence level, while the state of calcium signaling systems, and the calcium concentration itself, are latent variables. The spatiotemporal characteristics of calcium activity observed in the experiment can be interpreted from the point of view of intracellular mechanisms of calcium signaling using mathematical models for insight and inference.

An approach employing spatially distributed models of calcium signaling on realistic spatial patterns makes it possible to reproduce and explain a number of experimentally observed features of calcium signaling. The use of data-driven models through dynamic mode decomposition allows us to identify collective modes and patterns in the relationship between animal movement and calcium response in assemblies of astrocytes.

The work is supported by RSF grant #22-14-00033


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