Modern activation of the planet: causes, characteristic examples and consequences

Natyaganov V.L.

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia, Moscow, email:

The modern activation of the planet (MAP) is manifested in an increase in the number and energetics of dangerous phenomena of natura (DPN) of a catastrophic nature (strong earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, powerful hurricanes and serial tornadoes, prolonged downpours and floods ...) with a significant expansion of the geography of their manifestations.

Possible causes of MAP, trigger factors of electromagnetic (solar flares and frequent geomagnetic tremors) and gravitational nature are discussed, especially during the years of special astronomical configurations (SAC) in the Solar System and the Great Confrontations of the Earth with Mars.

The specific SAC also include situations when the barycenter (center of mass) of the Solar System goes beyond the Sun, which corresponds to the greatest dissonance in the Solar System and leads to the growth of DPN of various geophysical types. Such SAC occurred in 1901, 1932, 1970 and 2011, repeating in about 30-40 years. The most extraordinary examples of catastrophic DPN occurred in 1932 and 2011: without apparent trigger causes (close or strong, but distant earthquakes) on 18.04.1932, a sudden awakening of 25 volcanoes along the coast of Chile occurred; and on 11.03.2011. off the coast of Japan, the Tohoku tsunami earthquake occurred, which, according to the domino principle, caused a natural-technogenic disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant; in the USA, a record series of more than 500 tornadoes took place in 2 weeks of April, which is about half of the average annual norm.

Other characteristic examples of extraordinary cases of DPN of various geophysical types (from earthquakes and recently discovered seismic “nails” to hurricanes and tornadoes) with a time reference to the SAC, and in space – to the critical parallels of the planet are given.


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