Development of the concept of the subject area architecture on the example of a school course of mathematics

Vishnyakova A.Yu., Dubinin N.N.1

Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N.Yeltsin, Institute of Economics and Management, Department of Systems Analysis and Decision-Making, Russian Federation, 620002, Yekaterinburg, st. Mira 19, 8- (982) 623-87-61,

1Network engineering and technical school, Russian Federation, Yekaterinburg, st. Malysheva 105, (902) 266-64-99,

The concept of "architecture" in the field of education in the Russian Federation has become widespread, but at the moment its research and use occur primarily at the home-level (not scientific), without a clear definition of the meaning of the term, which is the reason for the almost complete absence of developed architectural solutions. The work aims at operationalizing the research through the development of an architecture concept of subject area on example of the school mathematics course.To achieve the aim, a systematic approach is used, and the result of constructing the architecture of the subject area is presented in the form of a multi-storey building with all its inherent structural elements. The result of the work is a general model of the architecture of the subject area on example of the school mathematics course. In the building of the educational process of the subject area of ​​the school course it will be possible to build and adjust various learning trajectorys without compromising the quality of the educational process thanks to this architecture. And these learning trajectorys will be visually individualize according to the needs of each individual student. in addition advisable to use such a training system for the systematic development of educational content and the structure of learning and methodological materials, including when developing online courses for organizing distance learning using Distance Learning Systems.


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