Эффективность использования электронных образовательных ресурсов в учебном процессе

Katina V.M.

Military University of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, Russia, 123001, Moscow, Bolshaya Sadovaya str., 14

In the modern information society, the powerful potential of information and communication technologies is widely used, a single information space is created, which provides wide access to a variety of information resources. The amount of information is constantly growing and already exceeds the capabilities of existing means of processing, transmission and storage of the received information. Information becomes the main link of any process, the requirements for the training of specialists are increasing. It should be professionals who are constantly improving themselves, switching from one activity to another. Therefore, one of the priorities of the higher education system is the training of competitive professionals with a high level of competence in their field, an integral part of which is the ability to use information and communication technologies in their professional activities.

Our study showed that in their professional activities graduates experience difficulties due to the low level of information and computer competence. More than 52 % do not have sufficient knowledge in the field of computer and information technologies to solve professional problems, 46% do not have the skills of practical application of computer technology;52% do not Orient in the application software required in their professional activities;63% do not have sufficient skills to collect and process information;71% do not feel the desire to learn new professionally-oriented software.

Currently, on the basis of the information technology Center of the Military University, work is underway to create a unified information and educational environment of the University. A single local network has been created. From each workplace it is possible to access the Internet, as well as the electronic library. All classrooms are equipped with modern computer technology that allows you to use any form of interactive classes. The center conducts classes with cadets of all faculties in the disciplines of information profile and disciplines that require the use of modern computer technology in the classroom. Of course, it will take quite a few efforts to create a Unified information and educational environment of military universities and research in the field of improving the efficiency of the use of electronic educational resources in the educational process, but now we can say that the results of the first studies indicate a significant increase in the level of information and computer competence of cadets.

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