Czechoslovak legiony Civil war in Russia. 1918-1920

Silayev A.D.

Federal state institution Russian state military archive, 125212, Admiral Makarov St., 29

In October, 2018 there was the 2nd volume: Czechoslovak legions in the Civil war in Russia. 1918-1920 of the documentary series consisting of two volumes: "Czech-Slovak (Czechoslovak) case. 1914-1920. Documents and materials".

The collection is dated for the 100 anniversary of the beginning of Civil war in Russia: 1918-1922, to the 100 anniversary of formation of the Czechoslovak republic on October 28, 1918 and to the end of World War I of won.

This collection is a result of collective work of archivists - RGVA, federal archives where documents from archives of the Russian Federation and archive of the Czech Republic during 1918-1920 are published.

This collection — the first scientific and documentary edition on the history of Czechoslovak military formations in Russia.

The collection included 544 documents from January, 1918 till November, 1920, from withdrawal of the Czechoslovak case from the territory of Ukraine at the beginning of 1918 and before its evacuation from Vladivostok at the end of 1920.

The collection is added with extensive illustrative material, photos from the Czech archives, the State archive of the Russian Federation and also the illustrative edition issued in 1928 in Prague: "K vitězne svobodě".

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