Determination of hydrogen concentration in exhaled air by semiconductor sensor

Ershov U.A., Shirokov I.V.1

BMSTU, f-t "Biomedical technology", BMT2, Russia, 105005, г. Moscow, second Baymanskaya street, h. 5, building 1

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Making a diet of proper nutrition is an actual problem of human life and one of the tasks of nutrinomics.

Hydrogen is formed in the human body in the intestine by bacteria, and there it is absorbed into human blood. Its concentration depends on the composition and amount of food intake. The study of the dependence of the concentration of hydrogen emitted from diet (hydromica) makes it possible to adjust the composition and quantity of food.

Currently, there are various gas sensors that allow you to determine the concentration of substances in exhaled air. The work studies the determination of the volume fraction of hydrogen and other substances in exhaled air using a semiconductor sensor. In this method, it is possible to determine lower concentrations of substances, compared with electrochemical sensors.

The results can serve as the basis for the preparation of a diet of proper nutrition.

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