About two factors of scientific langueage interaction

Karyakin Yu.V.

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The question about preference what to choose Russian language or English for cultivation of tolerant interactions with the global scientific community can be considered in the aspect of systems interaction. The world scientific community with well-established English-speaking rhetoric on the one hand, and the post-Soviet Russian-speaking scientific community on the other hand. Taking into account the presence in the interaction of two systems of different types: from interdependence to conflict [1], it is useful to name the factors that are critical for Russia's contribution to the global scientific potential, and for the development of its own national identity.

The choice of the English-language publishing house and the English language as a message, of course - a factor that is working on the development of a generalized scientific and cultural potential and if one do not use it in scientific activities, wherever it is conducted, of course this fact looks a bit irrational. The constant and consistent representation of the Russian-speaking community in the English-language publications contributes to the development of internal, ethnic scientific potential, but upon the condition, provided that an heterogenous language culture does not invade its genetically determined ethnic space. Therefore, the option of cultivating planetary scientific ties, including the use of an heterogenous language as the main language in educational activities, inevitably destroys the ethnic basis of society development. An additive form of language interaction is acceptable, the alternative form can not be used!


1. The interaction of systems.

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