Phosphorylation process optimization p-isopropenylphenol with dimethylphosphite

Magerramov A.M., Bayramov M.R., Veliyeva F.M., Mekhtiyeva G.M., Gasanova G.M., Dzhavadov M.A., Dzhavadova O.N.

Baku State University, AZ 1148, Baku of Z. Khalilov St. 23

For the purpose of synthesis of new phosphorus-containing derivativ phenols reactions of phosphorylation of alkenylphenols by dialkylphosphites on the multiple bond are carried out to presence of the initiator rubs. butilperbenzoat.

For identification of influence of various factors on specific yield of accession of dialkylphosphites to alkenylphenols mathematical researches in various conditions with use of various initiators and catalysts were conducted. As data-ins of process it was taken: X₁ – temperature ℃, X₂ – process duration in hours, X₃ – concentration of the initiator, and an exit pupil – an exit of target phosphonate of %. Considering that the number of experiences of m = 8 and factors of n = 3, output function it is possible to present in the form of the linear polynom.

Calculation of coefficients of the equation of regression and pair correlation for uazanny selections was carried out with use of the Matlab-6.5 program. The statistical model of process having an appearance is received:

Assessment of the significance of regression coefficients is confirmed by the Student’s criterion and the approximation error, and the model’s adequacy by the Fisher criterion at a significance level of 5%. The received model was used for the solution of a problem of optimization, the providing product yield maximum. For finding of an optimum point the set of equations in partial derivatives was solved.

The solution of this task showed that the maximal exit of target phosphonate of 96,925% can be reached at a temperature of 130℃, duration of reaction of 20 hours and mass concentration of an inintsiator 0,665%.

Further temperature increase leads to decrease of a product yield. The obtained calculation datas well will be coordinated with the experimental.

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