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XXI conference

The model of training the future teachers of mathematics to pupils form a universal educational actions in the context of the reflexive approach

Lipatnikova I.G.

Russia, 620075, Ekaterinburg K.libknekht st. 9

1 pp. (accepted)

Changing the priorities of education, due to the adoption of the Federal state educational standard of the General education, significantly influenced the preparation of teachers of mathematics at pedagogical universities.

An understanding of what meta-subject universal educational actions determine in the modern world demand and competitiveness of the production, and, hence, and efficient development of the economy of the country is formed in the scientific community, and society in General. In this regard, pedagogical universities, the challenge to create an educational environment allowing to future teachers of mathematics master the procedure of formation and diagnostics of universal education. The task is currently one of the most important directions update the content of higher pedagogical education, which gives it a new quality.

The solution to this problem requires a global change of the existing system of training future teachers of mathematics and the creation of a model of training the future teachers of mathematics to students form a universal educational actions in the context of the reflexive approach to educational process. The aim and the end result technologies reflexive approach is the mastery of the future teachers of mathematics ways the reflexive thinking, cognitive skills, which can later be a member of the intellectual apparatus personality and applied in the process of training pupils to universal educational actions.

Because of this reflexion in the educational process should be seen as a systemic factor and universal meta-subject of the mechanism of management of educational process, understanding and awareness of which will help the future teacher of mathematics to carry out targeted the development of universal educational activities, ensure the development of their individual psychological abilities of subjects and to reveal the pupils to peculiarities of the process of formation of mathematical concepts.

Meta-subject specified model allows to consider it as a complex self-organizing system and implement the following methodology principles of synergetics: transparency, nonlinearity, disequilibrium, fractals.

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