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XXVI conference

Motivation of students in the teaching of mathematics in economic universities

 Efimova M.V., Perfiliev A.A.

State University of Management, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Russia, 109542, Moscow, Ryazanskiy Avenue 99, Tel .: (495) 371-70-88, E-mail:

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Today, mathematics is a necessary tool in almost all areas of human activity, including economics, where the strategy and tactics of decisions must be based on objective scientific analysis and verified calculations.

Today, the ability to apply mathematical tools in solving economic problems has become important not only for narrow specialists, but also part of the economic culture for the general population. For example, taking mortgage loans, loans for consumer needs and working with banks requires mathematical literacy.

No less important is the need for such calculations and the use of mathematical tools for graduates of economic colleges who, will have to make responsible decisions in managing enterprises and objects of municipal and state economy.

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