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XIX conference

A problem of gender education is at middle school and university

Poplavskaya T.N., Kondruseva V.M.

Ukraine, Odessa, post 65121 Marhsal Jukov st. №77, 80

1 pp. (accepted)

Intensity of gender researches in the different areas of humanitarian knowledge destroys these researches on a complete level, uniting interests of scientists and philosophers, workings in this direction. In this connection a problem of gender education is beyond pedagogical science in the sphere of interests of philosophical-educational discourse that does its actual for the representatives of different disciplines.

Complete character of problem of gender education enables development of such conception, in which the results of researches would find the reflection as psychologists, political scientists, sociologists, so anthropologists, teachers and philosophers.

Purpose of education, from point of pedagogic is development of harmonious personality. It in a theory, in practice intensively cognitive abilities of man develop only in a detriment heartfelt and spiritual, that does development of student of asymmetric, not valuable. This process is aggravated by existent gender differentiation reason of which beds in the deep layers of sub consciousness of modern society, where all processes are managed by stereotypes and settings, produced by ages by our gene memory.

How in such situation to line up correct relations in family, at school, and in general in society? What must receptions and methods of psychological and pedagogical influence be? What must a teacher or psychologist, raising these questions be? In fact a not secret, that personality growth taught in our schools and Institutes of higher, is outside these establishments in area of to private life, where just and gender govern and other stereotypes.

To live not stereotype - means to live creative, saving freshness of perception itself and outward things daily, if not every minute. And for this purpose the modern system of education must reorientation the aims and tasks and leave off to teach children and the young generation that to think, in place of that to teach how to think.

In this connection, as it appears us, the existent pedagogical and psychological personality-oriented conceptions can help on business of permission of problem of gender education, because basic support of pedagogical and psychological influence is done on personality of child, regardless of his floor and social status, creating possibility of harmonious development of the taught personality of child the same.

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