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XXIII-ая конференция

Мир как многокомпонентный реагирующий поток

Нургалиев И.С.

UNESCO Chair at VIESH. 1st Veshnyakovskiy pr-d, 2, Moscow, 109456, Russia

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The conclusion about the not robust and religiously biased artificial character of the cosmological singularity is derived. The inertial character of the accelerated expansion of bouncing Universe is illustrated. The conceptions of the material point of the second type and of a “homogeneous and isotropic rotation” are introduced. Abrahamic religious tradition of neo-creationistic fantasies of singularity in the real Universe after having been nested in scientific cosmology in the 20es and after almost hundred-year survival is displaced by absolutely natural conception of the bounce (better to say scattering) on the effective centrifugal potential. The dynamics of the Universe appears to be similar to the launching Soviet Sputnik rather than the Newton’s apple falling. Two-body and many body problems are mechanic analogs of the cosmology rather than vertical free fall problem. Every Keplerian orbit has apogee with accelerated receding. As Einstein put it, model has to be “as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

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