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Religious aspects in teaching mathematics

Dejic M.

Faculty of Education in Belgrade, Narodnog fronta 43, Belgrade, 11000, Serbia, +381641201934, E-mail: mdejic@panet.co.yu

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As religious teaching, being an optional subject, has become a part of the school system in Serbia since 2002/2003 school year, exclusively ateistic component of upbringing and education through teaching subject fades away. Presently, we should search for correlation and permanent connection between religious teaching and other subjects. There are many points of contact and permeation in teaching mathematics and religious teaching. We would like to point out some of them:

Literacy in mathematics was brought to the Slav by two monks; The first book on mathematics in Russia was written by a monk Kyrik in the twelfth century; Mathematical notions, such as a number, zero, infinity, the laws on numbers , etc. have originated under direct influence of religion; Great mathematicians such as Newton, Leibnitz, Pascall, Descartes, Kronecker, Cauchu, Gedel.... were religious, and many of their works were created directly under the influence of their philosophical and religious meditation; There is a parallel between mathematical and religious thinking, between religious dogma and mathematical axioms, between mathematical and religious ideas, etc. The proofs of the existence of God are impeccable, given by great mathematicians using mathematical methods in providing proofs; Great number of mathematicians remembered by the history were monks and priests, even popes; Church was greatly involved in development, but also in stoppage of mathematical thruths; There is abundance of mathematical notions in religious books, and their mathematical construction revealed by mathematicians is amazing; The inscriptions of theorems are saved on the walls of temples.

Just some of the stated segments are presented in the paper. Our aim is to point to possibility of connecting mathematical and religious teaching , to connections that are real, without mystique and confrontation, to religious teachers and those who realize teaching of mathematics.

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