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XVIII conference

Biomaterial "Hyamatrix': structure, properties and medicine application

Maryakhina V.S., Letuta S.N., Rakhmatullin R.R.

Russia, 460018, Orenburg, pr. Pobedy 13

1 pp. (accepted)

Biomaterial on basic biopolymers are spread using in medicine. There are valves heart, different implant, prosthetic devices. Biocompatibility is one of more important properties for biomaterials. Improvement biomarials properties is important problem. Widespread biomaterials are hydrophobic. It have negative influence to living cells. Consequently, physical-chemistry properties of biomaterial define interaction material with cells.

The aim our research was creating biocompatibilitive biomaterial and investigation his properties for using in medicine and biotech.

Biomaterial «Hyamatrix» was created in scientific biotech laboratory Orenburg State University. It is polymeric place received in the process of hydrohel polymerization in the basic of hyaluronic acid.

Biomaterial structure was researched AFM and scanning electronic microscopy methods. «Hyamatrix» have fibre structure. Every layer consist polymer hyalonic threat.

Oxygen permeability was investigated using delayed fluorescence (DF) kinetics of xanthenes dyes. We measuring decrease DF kinetics after impulse excitation. For S1 state occupation the second harmonic radiation of Nd: YAG laser was used. DF kinetic curves are exponent. The air pressure change on the polymer plate from 150 mm Hg to the atmosphere pressure dosen’t influence the DF dye kinetic.

We have experimental results using biomaterial as a nutrient medium for cells. Normal tissue and mammary cancer cells of female mice (line BYRB) with spontaneous malignant tumors were the subject of this investigation. The cells are located monolayer on the biomaterial surface. Thickness polymer plate decrease during cultivation cells because biodegradation polymer.

Hence, our were researched biomaterial microstructure. This structure adding properties: plasticity, biocompatibility. «Hyamatrix» can be used as nutrient medium for cultivation cells.

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