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Nonlinear synergetic law of an explosion in the temporal efficiency by the end of medical treatment and its experimental and clinical substantiation

Taranenko A. M.

Russia, Pushchino

"Математика. Компьютер. Образование". Cб. трудов XII международной конференции. Под общей редакцией Г.Ю. Ризниченко Ижевск: Научно-издательский центр "Регулярная и хаотическая динамика", 2005. Vol. 1, 332pp. Pp. 80-91.

The conventional methods of medical treatment suggestest a “uniform” time and its proportional effect of treatment. The snow-slip, cumulative character of medical treatment in the course of time, explosion regimes have been investigated much worse (although they have been known since as long ago as in ancient times). Such effects must certainly be based on the most general synergetic laws that have been studied for the snow-slip phenomena in laser, in diode, in chemistry (Semenov reaction chains), biochemistry (multipeak Hess and Bouitoux regimes in glycolysis), in doublings in the threedimensional dynamics, in the growth of multicycle periods in cellular depot systems and in biological see-saw (amplifier). They seem to work in homeopathy [1]. Sufficient time and accumulation of weak effects are the essentials of these phenomena. In this study the chain of networks and models as well as model results sets that explain spontaneous healing upon a long-time weak stress of specific wave nature have been built in detail. Experimental and clinical data are given regarding the “see-saw” of long-time loans (involutionary friability and the subsequent condensation of tissues [2], the slow wave process [3] etc.). This approach further develops the Selkov’s idea of the futile cycles, the cellular coupling of antipodes: the acidification (work) and alkaline (long-term loan and return of structural proteins) processes is advantageous: the economy and efficiency grow sharply, which gives a chance for spontaneous healing after a long time period.

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