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XXIII conference

Analysis and forecast of social and economic processes in modern Russia

Schwarzman M.M.

1 pp. (accepted)

The secretary general N. Khrushchev loosened Stalin economic system. At the secretary general L. Brezhnev there was a stagnation of economy. At the secretary general – the president M. Gorbachev the rotted-through economy broke in Chaos. The president B. Yeltsin helplessly observed how in Chaos the group of people usurped national property. The class of the Russian billionaires was created. They nominated B. Yeltsin's receiver – V. Putin. From Chaos there was a structure the Capital ↔ the Power. Were formed and fractal the administrative and oligarchical clans (AOC) bred. This process defined specifics of structure of the social and economic relations (SER) in modern Russia. It is (structure) inversely after the relation to structure of SER of the economically developed countries (EDC).

In EDC economic laws are defining; and laws of shadow economy are subordinated. In Russia laws of shadow economy are defining, and the pseudo-economic space serves as the environment for its existence. The shadow economy acts in the form of government of AOC of all levels. For the developed structure of SER, the basic is the law: "All processes in SER are directed to the accelerated enrichment of members of AOC". It is quickly possible to be enriched only for the account: access to financial streams; sales of natural resources; uses of cheap labor. It SYSTEMICALLY means:

• basic impossibility of transformation of raw economy, in economy, based on high technologies;

• fight of the corrupted, incompetent clans for access to financial streams;

• increase in asymmetry in distribution of financial accumulation between various social groups;

• further stagnation in subsystems: science, education, industry, agriculture, armed forces;

• deterioration in an ecological situation, reduction of life expectancy of Russians, reduction of number of indigenous people;

• stagnation of morality, spirituality, social relations;

• emigration of creative people in EDC; migration of unqualified labor.

Necessary condition of structural transformations at which it is potentially possible to be transformed to structure of SER EDC is formation of real middle class of producers

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