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XXI conference

About application of system of the general system laws

Shabanov M.F.

Voronezh State Pedagogical University. 394000, Voronezh, Lenin street 86, VSPU, E-mail

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In long-term scientific work the author frequently employ the general systems laws for natural, technical, biological and social and economic systems and has not found full system of the major systems laws. In article the author offers of such the system 17 laws and examples of their application. Below this laws are briefly designated.

1. System - set of the interconnected elements or the components, possessing the integrating properties absent at its components 2. The law of systems subordinate is especially important for multilevel systems where elements of system change under action of the higher and lower levels.

3. The law of change of system properties at of change quantitative characteristics of system. The law of transition of quantity in quality and the effect of the system cooperation.

4. The law of unity and interaction of contrasts. Parts of system with opposite properties should be coordinated with preservation of their properties.

5. The law of preservation and interrelation of streams of the matter, energy and the information between system and an environment. At their change the system properties vary. 6. The law of the limiting factor. Opportunities of system and its viability is determined by the worse factor, a weak part. 7. The law of life cycle of the system including origin, growth and development, peak efficiency, ageing and destruction. And systems frequently have many of short cycle.

8. Synergetic the law of alternation of the quiet periods, where behaviour of system predictedly and of the crisis periods where properties of system quickly change and the principle of uncertainty of a choice of a new way of development is realize.

9. The law of irreversibility of evolution. The system cannot return to the past condition, the return probably at a new level, on the spiral. 10. The law of self-preservation and a survival – is the main purpose of system. 11. The law of priority of the purposes, laws and rules for of the systems above those for parts of the system. At its infringement the system collapses.

12. The law of a heredity and variability. It provide a survival of the system.

13. The law of complication of systems due to occurrence of new subsystems and new functions.

14. The law of expansion of system in environment and presence of the dangerous limit of it.

15. The law of acceleration of development of the self-organizing systems in the time of evolution. 16. The law of an interdiction of input in system the false information which causes reaction of the system inadequate to real conditions and its degradation.

17. The law of necessary variety Eshby and inability of the control system to operate is reliable with the new created the system.

This the laws is used by the author in lectures and practical works on studying, use and modelling of various systems.

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