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XXI conference

Psychological characteristics and peculiarities of the contemporary cadet

Krotova M.N.

E-mail Telephone 89807403641.

1 pp. (accepted)

This work is the consideration of socio-psychological peculiarities of the cadets, including intrapersonal changes occurring since the start of and during the entire period in the status of a cadet. Are allocated to the individual peculiarities of the personality and activity of students.

In this work presents the analysis of the data obtained as a result of selective longitudinal study «Life orientation modern cadets». and the Main motives of the choice of profession» . The survey was carried out in 2012 - 2013 on the basis of the VCA name A. F. Mozhaisky.

As a rule, cadets of military academies are the bearers of those traits that are characteristic of a youthful age of transition to adulthood, desire and aspiration to develop earlier than the will and strength of character.

Thus, we can conclude that in the period of study cadets is an active process of formation of the world Outlook based on cognitive needs, the need to establish his attitude. However, ideological views and beliefs, future officers sometimes differ contradictory. Cadets often experience difficulties in correctly assessing the socio-political phenomena and events that take place in society.

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