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XIX conference

Use of is evident-shaped modelling and computer interactive programs in work on development of acoustical perception and coherent speech

Ivanova N.N.

Russia, 141986, Dubna, Bogolyubov's avenue, д.11, sq. 20.

2 pp. (accepted)

In a modern education system requirements to speech development of children, education of the realized relation to language as national-cultural value, to mastering by its literary norms raise. Repeatedly scientific h.p. Vygotsky, paid attention of A.A.Leontev, A.R.Lurija to the importance of timely development of speech and thinking in formation of the person of the child, for their interdependent role in онтогенезе. Practicing teachers, logopedists, psychologists, parents and the public the unfortunate trend of growth of children with the general недоразвитием should disturb speeches (ОНР) in our country and in the world which leads to a dyslexia and disgrafia, i.e. to bad educability at school and to impossibility of the further training and employment of a worthy place in society.

Primary defect at ОНР is infringement of acoustical perception that causes system secondary infringements in other links of speech system. On the basis of our methodical working out the interactive multimedia computer program on development of the acoustical perception, containing work on nonverbal sounds is created: natural (water, fire, air) noise (household, city), звукоподражанием (voices of animals and birds); over speech sounds. In the program the interesting logopedic games directed on development of acoustical attention, acoustical perception, acoustical representation, the sound analysis and synthesis are offered. All these functions underlie formation and the further development of oral and written speech.

The algorithm of development of coherent speech offered by us, is developed on the basis of L.S.Vygotskogo, P.J.Galperina, A.R.Lurii, Z.Piazhe, L.A.Vengera's works, allows to describe: separate subjects, trees, flowers, insects, fishes, birds, animal, people on direct supervision; trains in drawing up of statements; facilitates process of formation of syntactic designs, promotes work on style of speech; provides stage-by-stage development of the basic cogitative operations: the analysis, synthesis, comparison, abstraction and generalization of different contextual relations. On the basis of our technique the interactive computer program is created. Its use for training of children of different age, and also students with speech deviations in МГППУ and in the Educational center for children of orphans "Main recess" has shown that it simplifies procedure of employment and considerably raises their efficiency.

The developed programs can become good help for professional work of teachers, logopedists, psychologists, and also for parents.

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