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XIX conference

A tool for automated filling of a database of teaching materials for distance learning system

Malyshev R.V., Zelenko L.S.

Russia, 443086, Samara, ul. Moskovskoe shosse 34a, tel. (846) 267-46-73

1 pp. (accepted)

Modern educational systems (including remote) - it's complex multi-component systems, the design of which is necessary to apply a systematic approach and the latest information technology. Filling the learning content in such systems requires the teacher labor intensive and serious processing of e-learning materials in the storage format chosen learning system. This fact, to some extent, hinders the process of development of distance learning systems and their application in their practice of subject teachers.

In this connection, to achieve the learning objectives developed special tools to help make optimal use of available resources, to choose the most effective techniques and models to solve problems. At the department of software systems developed interactive e-learning system based on the technology of virtual worlds (3D-space), which limits the use of simple text materials, and therefore there is a need to develop a tool to automatically parse MS Word format and transfer them to the database data systems deployed on a remote server.

Previously, when you need to analyze the documents needed to use COM-technology, which required large resource costs and the pre-word processor MS Word on the server. After the appearance of a new format *. docx (Office Open XML) has been made possible rapid analysis and generation of documents, even without using the word processor. At the heart of the converter is designed analysis Microsoft.Office.DocumentFormat.OpenXml namespace and, therefore, a hierarchy that reflects the basic structure of an office document. The document highlighted objects (text as XML, tables, figures, formulas and other data) and converted into a sequence of bits (serialized), using a proprietary binary format, and then stored in the database learning system. The program is written in C # using the library OpenXML SDK (Software Development Kit), has a friendly interface and frees the teacher from performing time-consuming process of downloading teaching materials in the teaching system in manual mode.

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