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XIX conference

Problems of training of teachers in the development of information and educational environment

Sadulaeva R.S.

Russia, 364 051, Grozny, etc. Ordzhonikidze 3 kv.16,

1 pp. (accepted)

With the development of information society, the introduction of new Education standartyi, aimed at improving the professional competence of graduates, is an issue of formation and development of information competencies high school teachers have been trained for more than 5 - 10 years ago.

Information and educational environment is growing rapidly and graduates of previous years, need further training in the use and implementation of new information technologies in education.

In this matter there are problems, both objective and subjective. The objective problems include - lack of information and educational environment of many schools, the lack of developed electronic educational materials, lack of control and assessment materials in the disciplines. Also note the scarcity of information and highly qualified staff competency in university departments. Subjective problems - psychological reluctance of teachers to "change themselves" and their attitude to the new information technology teaching, inability to take advantage of the informational and educational environment. The teacher, using strictly traditional methods of training and testing, experienced psychological barriers in the transition to digital educational resources, the development of electronic learning materials, design and implementation of module-rating system of training and development control and assessment materials.

Active transformation of educational technology supplied, among others, and the question of the development of new testing methods.The report examines the specific problems of the process of improving testologicheskoy culture of high school teachers, and opportunities for the development of this culture to the point where one specialist combines expert methodologist and developer.

Note that these problems are most pressing in the system of teacher colleges and require specific solutions.

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