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XXIX conference

Stochastic Pattern Generation in the Diffusion Model of Glycolysis

Pankratov A.A., Bashkirtseva I.A.

Ural Federal University,19 Mira street, 620002 Ekaterinburg, Russia

1 pp. (accepted)

The report considers the distributed diffusion model of the Selkov glycolytic oscillator [1] with one spatial coordinate. Noise-induced spatial structures [2] are studied.

The report presents the results of an investigation of noise-induced patterns in the Turing stability zone. Using numerical experiments and the harmonic coefficients, the diversity of the formed co-existed patterns is studied. Dependencies between pattern properties and parametric zone are studied as well. This work was supported by the Russian Science Foundation grant No. 21-11-00062.


1. Selkov E. E. Self­oscillations in glycolysis 1. A simple kinetic model //European Journal of Biochemistry. – 1968. – Т. 4. – №. 1. – С. 79­86.

2. Kolinichenko A. P., Pisarchik A. N., Ryashko L. B. Stochastic phenomena in pattern formation for distributed nonlinear systems //Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A. – 2020. – Т. 378. – №. 2171. – С. 20190252.


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