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XXVI conference

Wavelet filtering application for nonlinear systems identification based on Volterra model in frequency domain

Pavlenko V.D., Lomovoy V.I.

Odessa National Polytechnic University, Shevchenko av. 1, Odessa, 65044, Ukraine +3(8-063)461-74-72, E-mail:

1 pp. (accepted)

The wavelet filtering application using the interpolation method for nonlinear dynamical systems identification based on the Volterra model in the frequency domain is studied. The accuracy and noise immunity of the amplitude- and phase-frequency characteristics of the first, second and third order models are investigated. Test polyharmonic signals are used for nonlinear system identification using experimental "input-output" data. The wavelet application for filtering of measurement noises of received responses and characteristics of the identifiable system allowed to enlarge noise immunity of the identification method.

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