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XXV conference

Cloud technologies as a basis for the educational process in secondary and higher education systems

Kirov E.F., Krukov U.A., Osipov P.A., Ciganov O.O., Antonov A.N.

State university "Dubna"

1 pp. (accepted)

The State University "Dubna" realizes the support of the educational process with the use of cloud technologies in the systems of secondary and higher education. With this approach, virtualized workstations equipped with the required software to support the learning process are provided. In parallel, there is an approach in which access to individual virtualized applications is provided.

The transfer of software products to cloud services allows to increase the coefficient of useful use, while virtualized software does not actually leave the university territory. This method allows you to optimize the use of purchased software products.

Schools in Dubna use cloud technologies to conduct design classes. The University College "Dubna" has two computer classrooms built using cloud technologies. The engineering center of the State University "Dubna" uses cloud technologies based on its work implementing high-tech design using virtualized cloud software.

Cloud technologies are available from anywhere on the computer network of the State University "Dubna" for students and teachers.

The use of cloud technologies in the organization of the learning process allows to achieve optimal results due to the increase in the coefficient of useful use and the provision of the latest versions of educational software at all levels of education.

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