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XXIV conference

The way to the basics of the physics of evolution

Somsikov V.M., Azarenka S.N.1

Ionosphere Institute, Kazakhstan, 480020, Alma-Ata, Kamenskoe plateau, E-mail:

1Academy of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan, 480007, Alma-Ata, ul. Utepov 22

1 pp. (accepted)

A brief description of the first steps towards the construction of a fundamental physics of nonequilibrium evolution of open systems based on the proposed earlier the deterministic mechanism of irreversibility of system dynamics, is offered. The nature of this mechanism is presented in the book: "To the basics of evolution of physics" [1]. The mechanism is based on the approval of the structural nature of real objects [2]. Basic concepts of the physics of evolution of open nonequilibrium systems are introduced. Such systems are more fully reflect all known objects of nature, including living matter. The examples of these concepts: the physics of evolution, the stationary open nonequilibrium systems, the principle of duality symmetry. The essence of the principle of duality symmetries is that the dynamics of the bodies determined by not only the symmetry of space, as in the case of a material point, but the symmetries of the bodies. It is shown as basing on the principle of duality symmetries, carried out the construction of the foundations of the physics of evolution. How to obtained the formalisms, which allows to describe the processes of evolution of open nonequilibrium systems is explained. How the laws of systems dynamics are determined on the basis of the laws of the dynamics of the elements shown. The concept of evolutionary nonlinearity which responsible for the violation of symmetry of system dynamics is introduced. The nature irreversibility is explained. How the laws of mechanics determine of the infinite divisibility of matter is shown. The concept of D-entropy within the mechanics of systems is offered. D-entropy is defined as the ratio of the change in internal energy of the system to its full value [3].


1. Somsikov V.M. To the basic of the physics of evolution. Almaty. 2016. Sci. 306 p.

2. Somsikov V.M. Transition from the mechanics of material points to the mechanics of structured particles. Modern Physics Letter B. Issue 4. Feb 2016 DOI: 10.1142 / S0217984916500184. p1-11

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