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XXIII conference

Mathematical modelling dynamics of index identity's national republics

Obgadze T.A.

M. Kostava St. 77, Georgian technical university, faculty of informatics and control systems, Tbilisi, Georgia

1 pp. (accepted)

In work influences of globalization on national educations which are subject to alien influences to the leading, sometimes, to pernicious consequences of loss of originality, social regeneration and a cultural ischezhznoveniye are studied. The main functions of influence on national originality are allocated. The basic basic elements of the Caucasian character and those additional parameters that creates the Georgian character are studied. The concept of an index of originality is entered. The basic system of the aggregated parameters defining dynamics of an index of national originality is constructed. Influence of globalization on nature of growth of an index of identity of national cultures is studied. On the example of Georgia the corresponding mathematical model for dynamics of an index of originality is constructed 1990-2014. The received results of theoretical calculations are compared to the actual. Accuracy of calculations doesn't leave admissible range.

Results of calculations show that Georgia comes nearer to a dangerous zone of loss of the originality caused by blasting nature of action of the mass media and a number of "public organization" financed from the West.

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