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XXII conference

Develop approach to re-industrialization of the domestic market economy

Kornev A.K.

Institute of Economic Forecasting of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, 117418, Moscow, Nakhimovsky prospect, d.47. Tel .: (499) 129-10-22, fax (495) 718-97-71, E-mail:

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The need to re-industrialization of the domestic market economy is related to the fact that in a cold climate in our country mining industry is relatively competitive, and manufacturing - uncompetitive. Development of a methodological approach that promotes re-industrialization of the domestic market economy, has three major components. First, study the experience of re-industrialization of the US economy in the early 80s. Of great importance in this experiment are: changing forms of organization of industrial production and the rise of transnational corporations (TNCs), developed by the evaluation of competitiveness by product manufacturing industry, recommendations for placement of its production. Secondly, the study established during the Soviet period of the industrial mode of development of the national economy. It is characterized by a redistribution of natural resource rents arising in the mining industry, in favor of manufacturing output as their subsidies material costs. Thus the importance of taxation have manufacturing output on the basis of the implementation of their products, the rejection of taxation industries except mining industry exporters, subsidies from production in the extractive industries value added tax if necessary. Thirdly, considering the possibility to create a market in the domestic economy analogue TNK - domestic vertically integrated intersectoral Corporation (Vimkom) with state participation, allowing the use of low internal transfer prices for the products of the mining industry for the redistribution of natural resource rents in favor of manufacturing industries. Taxation should be based on the results of activities of finite Vimkom manufactures and exporters of raw materials. Vimkom should take into account the evaluation of competitiveness by product, presupposes a certain location of production.


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