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XXII conference

The Task of calculation of the Trajectory of random walk in the tests on parallel thinking

Koganov A.V., Zlobin A.I.1, Rakcheeva T.A.2

NIISI RAN, 117218, Moscow, Nakhimovsky st, 36, corp. 1, 117218, Moscow, Russia.

1Hosting "Rusonik", 5-th Yamskogo polya st., 5, Moscow, Russia.

2IMash RAN, 117334, Bardina st., 4, Moscow, Russia

1 pp. (accepted)

We continue the Work of testing the ability of people to realize the parallel calculation. We perfect the Test of the change of the solution velocity for sequential calculation. Previously we proof that the Task of trajectory tracing is not permit the parallel realization. The Displacement on the trajectory defines by the comparison of somewhat numbers in the neighborhood of current position. Additional we demand the uniformly distribution of results on the set of final positions. This property improves the certainty of experiment. In the using Test the displacements simulate the random walk on finite and discrete interval. The init point and final point for that walk have uniformly distribution on interval. The experiment shows affectivity of that test. The 8 at 11 persons show legible results with significance level more 0.97 (parallelism 3, sequential uniformly method 2, sequential accelerate method 3 ). Three persons show the difficult explain single jumps of the Chanel capacity. The tendency is legible without these jumps. The Test has the realization on the notebook. We lead the experiment on the three computers simultaneously, and the time of work decreases minimum in three time.


1. Koganov A.V., Zlobin A.I., Rakcheeva T.A. The Research of capability of the parallel information processing by the human brain in the task series of high complexity. --Comp. research and modeling, 2013, v.5, #5, s. 845-861.

2. Koganov A.V. The increasing Inductor Spaces and analysis parallel algorithms. -- Program products and systems, appl. to J. "Problems of the Theory and Practice of Control", 2010,#2, s. 33-38.

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