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XVIII conference

Numerical modeling of a field of the modified magnet of NIS spectrometer

Yudin I.P., Panacik V.A., Perepelkin E.E., Polyakova R.V.

1 pp. (accepted)

The design and construction of magnetic systems of electrophysical installations require a preliminary mathematical modeling. The mathematical modeling is necessary in the process of adjustment and subsequent operation of an installation. Calculations of fields of magnetic systems, although performed on the basis of solving the direct magnetostatic problems, are related to the class of inverse magnetostatic problems, since they actually include the search for an optimal design of current elements and an iron yoke for a given magnetic field distribution. In this work, the method of the numerical solution of the magnetostatic problem for domains with boundaries containing corners, is proposed. Using this numerical method, the magnetic systems of rectangular configuration were modeled with high accuracy. In particular, the calculations of some modifications of the magnetic system SP-40 used into the NIS JINR experimental installation, are presented. By the numerical modeling it is constructed the configuration of magnet SP-40, its uniformity of the magnetic field is increased on 100 compared with the really existent configuration of the magnet.

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