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XVIII conference

Mathematical modeling of ironless magnet systems by the regularization method

Polyakova R.V., Kovalenko A.D., Yudin I.P.

1 pp. (accepted)

A nonlinear magnetostatic inverse problem is investigated for a case when it is needed to create a required magnetic field using conductors which coordinates vary on condition that current value is equal in all the conductors. It is known that the same problems fall under the category of noncorrect problems. The proposed numerical algorithm using the regularization method by A.N. Tikhonov permits to overcome comparatively easily the difficulties connected with badly conditioned equation systems to which usually the magnetostatic inverse problems are reduced. This algorithm allows one to calculate the existing winding geometry of dipole ironless magnet which ensures a magnetic field homogeneity up to within a rectangular aperture. Magnetic field distribution which is created by wires of an infinitely thin cross section being positioned near mag¬netic field surfaces and providing magnetic field index correc¬tion in the working region of accelerator, is calculated by the mirror reflection method. Some expressions by which it is possible to calculate magnetic field gradient of arbitrary set of correcting wires, are given. Current magnitude in correcting wires for 10 GeV JINR accelerator magnetic field index correction under field level about 0.023 T, are calculated and optimized by the regularization method.

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