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XVIII conference

Program complex for signal restoration modelling

Tarabardin M.

The Samara State Railway University, 18, 1-st Bezimyanniy st., Samara, 443066, Russia

1 pp. (accepted)

Restoration of signals is an important problem in many practical applications. This problem is incorrect, therefore at its decision in the conditions aprioristic uncertainty properties of investigated object it is especially convenient to use adaptive algorithms of signals restoration with regularisation.

The adaptive computer for signals restoration consists of the adjusting processor, the calculating weight of the inverse filter, and the functional processor which is carrying out a role of the inverse filter by which signals restoration is made directly. Impulse response of inverse filter is calculated by criterion of a minimum ыефишдшяув functional.

The corresponding program complex is developed for modelling of the device of signals restoration. It consists of the user interface, library of entrance signals, library of filters and library of signals restoration adaptive algorithms. Means of the graphic interface make a choice of objects of the listed libraries and viewing of results of restoration of signals in the form of schedules and numerical characteristics.

The developed program complex is used at carrying out of laboratory works on disciplines of chair «Mechatronics in the automated manufactures» the Samara State Railway University.

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