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XVIII conference

Determination of characteristic parameters of solid-state materials with the help of information technologies

Kustov A.I., Merkulov S.A., Pletneva E.A.1

Voronezh State Pedagogical University, physical-mathematics department, chair of applied physics, Russia, 394000, Voronezh, Lenin street, 86, phone (473-2)-379-973

1Voronezh Institute of Low and Economy, economy department, chair of applied information science, Russia, 394042, Voronezh, Lenin avenue, 119, phone (473-2)-601-564

2 pp. (accepted)

At present the problem of nondestructive express control of physic-mechanical properties of materials in condenses state is one of the most important scientific problems. In this paper the results of experimental work of investigation of physic-mechanical properties materials with the help of scanning acoustic microscope (SAM) [1] are given. The essence of the subjected methods is first inlayer visualization of subsurface structures of the objects under investigation and second in the definition of velocity values of acoustic waves and calculate the elasticity constant of solid material. The state of the material when it is close to the loss of stability is called limit. It is necessary to reveal such states at the possibly initial stages. First the local structure changes inner stress, physical-mechanical parameters (e.g. the velocity of acoustic waves (AW)) can be used as the limit criteria.

One of the important parameter of solid state sample is the grain dimension (dЗ). The results were obtained with standard definition. As follow from that diagram, linear dependence from grain dimension observes. Received dependences from dЗ are in good accordance with low Hall - Peach:

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