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XVI conference

The estimation of the change in predictability of the Bt crop production under invasion of the Bt-resistant pests

Rusakov A.V., Gonik M.M., Nurieva N.I., Medvinsky A.B.

Institute of Theoretical & Experimental Biophysics, Pushchino State University, Pushchino, Moscow Region, 142290 Russia, Tel.: +7(4967)739238. Fax: +7(4967)330553, E-mail:

1 pp. (accepted)

We represent and analyze results of mathematical simulations of the agricultural ecosystem, which includes insecticidal Bt plants, under invasion of Bt-resistant pests. Production predictability is studied in the model parameter space. We have shown that the invasion of the Bt-resistant pests can lead to decrease in the predictability of the production of the Bt crop.

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